The Secret Is Out!

We're all guilty of wondering how A-listers perfect the defined Vogue look, but you don't need to be a YouTube beauty guru to give the Kardashian's a run for their money. The secret is out and I'm here to help you achieve the latest beauty craze in front of the comfort of your own mirror.



Why Contour?

  •  It defines, sculpts and gives more shape to a desired area on your face
  • It can enhance your most loved feature, or improve your most hated (we've all got one!)
  • It is a very discreet way of slimming your face

  • Creates the appearance of higher cheekbones, a slimmer nose and chin

You can achieve all of this with just a few different shades of face make up and a good contouring brush. 

Contouring For Your Face shape.

Smashbox offer a fantastic contouring set with a guide on how to contour depending on your face shape.  Not everybody needs the same contouring so make sure you match up your face shape and only contour where needed.




Budget Option: Barry M Contouring Set - £5.00




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