Celeb Red Carpet Outfits 2018

Cardi's huge breakout in music needed a matching wardrobe and she is definitely becoming a true style icon! 
The designer, Ashi’s custom creation is “a mix between what someone would want to do that’s traditionally sexy, and what someone would want to do that’s traditionally elegant. So I feel like it’s the perfect balance between sexy and elegant." says Cardi's stylist Kollin Carter.
We couldn't have said it better! Cardi becomes a source of inspiration among fashionistas and we cannot wait to see what she's going to shine next time.
'It was supposed to go to Sophia Vergara but I told my stylist "You better get that dress for me!!'

This babe is slaying the red carpet game!
Bebe Rexha featured a new haircut which in our opinion is super bada*sss, a generous cleavage and sexy curves in this figure flattering La Perla dress. 
We love her attitude, her solidarity towards the #metoo movement and her beyond beautiful body! 
Miley's look was sophisticated AF in this Jean-Paul Gaultier black velvet jumpsuit. Het approach to Hollywood glamour (look hairstyle) has a very modern twist and we can't stop admiring her! 

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