Our favourite celebrity WAG, Sophia Pierson has been snapped in House of Maguie's super luxe, satin Belamina co-ord set for a Halloween Masquerade party in Vancouver. Talk about oozing sex appeal and making an entrance wherever she goes!

Sophia Pierson in House of Maguie luxe satin Belamina co-ord set. Celebrity WAG style

I know I know, the Pyjama party trend isn't going anywhere is it? What with Zendaya, Bella & Gigi all rocking the PJ silky satin trend and night-time look as daywear, it's pushing on right into the party season.

We're not talking pyjama shirts, but slinky night gowns, camisoles and silky wide legged pyjama-style trousers worn with statement heels, minimal accessories and a smile.

So let's hear it Glam Squad, what will you be wearing for the party season?
Our Belamina set is on sale loves, hurry and don't miss out!

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