Babes, we just couldn't wait to share our new RESORT Collection with you!
We are so proud and overwhelmed  by your amazing feedback, so we want to give you more! Here is a CELEB Guide to Summer Fashion Inspo, in an authentic HOUSE OF MAGUIE Style! 
Let's dig into some juicy trends, but first a bit of celeb Inspo for you!
We introduce you to our masterpiece, the sexy  EVAH DRESS, inspired by the stunning Bella Hadid. We transformed this magnificent dress into a sophisticated creation, perfect for a luxurious cruise or a summer celeb party. No matter where you go, this look will stun!
Oh but why not take the tropics by storm with this trendy BANANA LEAF AND PALM PRINT trend? This exotic greenery is everyone 's fave this season. With vivid green hues, these designs will take your mind to the sunniest places...and your booty too! We’re taking the game to the next level, bringing you the most of High End with affordable prices.  Why not?!
A bit of Inspo for you? Here you go:

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