Valentines Day, A Conquering Guide

What ever your plans are for this V - Day , a traditional way of romanticism is always a good call for love. 


Get ready to slay into the night. Nothing better than a nourishment ritual for the occasion. It is scientific proven that good scent can attract 10x, also attract good body energy. Body oils is a good idea to leave your skin perfect and remarkable. 

Creating the perfect romance scenario, can cause a good impression and let the ambient favourable to make good memories. 
 A good flirt talk is always Is always accompanied by a good drink,  Hmmm... just manage the doses, you don’t want to spoil the night getting way to drunk, your emotions must be at the highest levels. Babe the night is promising...

Romantic dinner for two in the heart of the city. The perfect spot to spice your drippy relationship or brave a first date. 

Surprise your love with a Maguie’s gift card, special Valentines Day Edition. 
Nothing will lit her more than a sign that you have fashion taste. But also respect her style and let her feel free to select the piece  and impress you on the big night. 
Well. I sure hope this Valentines gift guide gave you some fun and creative inspiration for your girls this this valentines Day! Remember to focus on giving and spreading small acts of kindness on this love-Centered day. To ensure a happy heart on V-Day! 

Maguie Xo 

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