I know it sounds a trite boring and if anything it's the same old same old when the New Year comes around, let's stick to our New Year Resolutions right?

If you're anything like me, every day is a chance to change the way you live, think, feel and act not just when a new year starts, when the opportunity to re-commit slaps you in the face.

Be Bad Ass with a good Ass

As our lives become more digital technology orientated and busy, we often finds ourselves just mentally or physically worn out by the end of the year. Personally I would prefer to hibernate over the festive period but where's the fun in that? 

Whilst we love being fitness focused at House of Maguie, we also love indulging in me time and if you lead an incredibly busy life, perhaps micro changes & actions are what needs to be applied to your life.

Renee Somerfield fitness model

It can be anything as small as walking or cycling to work every day rather than getting the bus, if you stick to that, imagine how fit you'll get? Even if it isn't everyday, what about 3 times per week? That's do-able, no?

Not everyone likes the gym and by going to a class you don't particularly enjoy, isn't going to get you positive results let alone a positive frame of mind. I love the euphoric feel after a good workout sesh, but choose a class that's right for you, or a running group or rather than splashing out on an annual gym membership, get a friend to running with you instead.

In tow weeks you'll feel it, in four weeks you'll see it

Oh and there's always the Popsugar fitness workouts that are 10 minutes long, love those and they really are awesome! These videos are also pretty fantastic too.

If you're trying to lose weight and notice that you could probably eat a little healthier, try swapping out the most unhealthy item on your plate for a larger portion of fruit or veg. Alternatively, try learning and making a new healthy recipe, one that you love and can make with ease again and again.

Raspberry and Almond smoothie bowl by Goodnessisgorgeous

Raspberry and almond smoothie bowl via

You may have tried every fad diet out there and it hasn't worked, so choose something healthy that you can indulge in instead, there's not point eating something healthy but tastes yuck to you. Just remember, everything in moderation though.

Make time for yourself, I cannot reiterate how important this is and also focus on positivity rather than self doubt and negativity. 

Get organised & declutter too, we mean that in every department of your life, home, relationship, friends your wardrobe etc...not necessarily things. Filter out anything that doesn't fit in with how and the way you live. Make life less complicated. 

 positive mind, positive vibes positive life

Micro changes and actions lead to big changes, a little progress each day add up to BIG results. Nuff said.



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