As we step into the new year we often think about new fitness goals and health improvements. Frankly, I love this time of year, it's like hitting the re-start button and giving your body a much needed break after over indulgence from the festive season.

Whilst there are plenty of fad diets and detox diets popularised by celebrities, fashion and fitness magazines, where do you actually start? Some cleanses last a few days, some a month long.

Weekend juice cleanse Dr Oz

We've cherry picked a handful of faves, but would love to hear what you've tried and whether you've felt better for it afterwards. 

For a short cleanse, Gwyneth Paltrows blog Goop.com resident expert, Dr. Junger recommends his Clean Program, which focuses on a 21 day program or a 3 day program, both of which have 'spectacular' results.

Clean Mini 3-Day Cleanse via Goop here

Basics: A 3-Day mini-cleanse designed to give your digestive system a rest and boost your energy levels.

Overview: One liquid meal for breakfast and two solid meals from the recipes provided below for lunch and dinner. No supplements are needed for this mini-cleanse.

Who Should Do This Cleanse?: This mini-cleanse is best for those who only need a slight reset. It’s also used as a maintenance program for those that have first gone through Plan A or Plan B.

Getting Started: To get started on this program simply download this guide and follow the instructions and recipes.

The Master Cleanse via Elle.com

The Plan
While the Master Cleanse isn't doctor designed, it's Beyoncé tested and as easy as it gets. Each morning, I'd start with a laxative-like saltwater "flush," then, when hungry, I'd drink 8 oz (up to 12 glasses a day) of the famous (infamous?) "lemonade": a blend of fresh lemon juice, Grade-B maple syrup, purified water, and cayenne pepper.

Fruits and vegetables to include in your cleanse

Another fave of ours is PopSugar's 2 week cleanse via here filled with recipes and a straight-forward how-to.


If you've simply overdone it the night before, Pop Sugars 24 hour Detox is great for ridding the toxins, this little easy to follow detox is one to repeat after a big night out. 

Fresh start

NB: Blog Post Arugula Salad main image via howsweeteats.com

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