With 2018 just around the corner, we're excited for newness, fresh starts and what could possibly be the best year ever. We're enthusiastic about what is yet to come, because there are better things ahead than any we left behind. 

In a world of taking, it's sometimes good to just give.

House of Maguie are huge on charity support. This year we donated masses of House of Maguie designs to a local Mary's Living & Giving Shop, in support of Save the Children. 

she_wears_the_trousers IG Marys living and giving shop

Via Julie Alpines Instagram post here, the dress we donated bought from Marys Living & Giving shop 

Rise & Slay

Be it life goats, fitness goals, career goals, fashion/outfit goals, make it happen! The new year can be a little ctrl+alt+del for the past and new blank page refreshed for all your adventures, dreams and a second chance. 

The best is yet to come New Year quote

We wish the best for 2018 babes, now rise & slay!

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